Body Treatments

Hot stone therapy

This massage is said to evoke the inherent kundalini energy and energy pathways. A calming and soothing massage does wonders to give you an emotional boost.  The treatment starts with the muscles being preheated to produce a better response with heated stones. Ideal for arthritis, alleviates stress and anxiety, good for back pain, depression, insomnia and problems related to blood circulation. Full body 60 mins  £55.00 Back, neck & shoulder 40 mins  £45.00

Relaxing massage

Bliss for the mind, body & soul. Soothe away those daily stresses and enjoy the benefits of relaxation, releases muscle tension. Creates a sense of well being.

Full body  60 mins   £40.00
Back neck & shoulder  30 mins  £30.00

Spray tanning

Takes just a few minutes to apply this tan. Wonderfully hydrating formula which gives you a fabulously healthy glow without the risk of damage to your skin. Smells delicious, fades perfectly and is long lasting. A realistic colour even on the fairest of skins.


Lighter legs

An invigorating hands on treatment to drain excess fluid and comfort tired heavy legs. Natural ingredients such as green coffee and menthol give an immediate and lasting sensation of freshness and well being while also boosting circulation to drain and detox. Your legs will appear slimmer and feel smoother lighter and more comfortable.30 mins   £35.00

Deep cleansing back treatment 

This clarifying back treatment is perfect to help decongest oily, spot prone skin. Your skin will be deep cleansed and exfoliated followed by an aromatic hot compress to relax those pores. Following extractions a relaxing deep clearing mask is then applied.

45 mins  £35.00

Body exfoliation / polish

The skin is the body's largest organ and is constantly renewing itself. Sadly during the process dead cells accumulate on the surface leaving the skin looking lack lustre and dull. We remove those dead cells using a body scrub cleaning and unclogging pores to leave your skin super soft. Your perfectly polished skin will be rehydrated and rejuvenated using a moisturiser to suit your specific skin type.

30 mins  £35.00

Aqua Detox

Start your body's natural detoxification process. Rebalance your body and renew your energy levels. Bio-energetic stimulation for self detoxification. Courses available for outstanding results.

30 mins  £35.00


We know that one of the most frustrating things about waxing is a prolonged waxing session, so we believe time is of the essence. No messing about, we provide an extremely quick, professional and efficient service.  We have a vast array of different procedures and techniques offering treatments delivered to your required specification and personal preference. This ensures each client achieves their individual desired effect.

Eyebrow    £7.50
Upper Lip   £7.50
Half Leg   £18.00  
3/4 Leg   £21.50
Full leg (inc Bikini)   £28.00
Underarm   £9.50
Bikini   £9.50
Brazilian   £22.00
Hollywood   £28.00
Full arm   £20.00
Back   £25.00
Chest   £25.00

Electrolysis Permanent hair removal using individual sterex      disposable sterilised needles

5 mins           £15.00
15 mins         £20.00
30 mins         £35.00
45 mins         £45.00
Blend method add  £4.00

Hopi ear candles

These are hollow tubes made from organically grown flax, beeswax, honey and herbs.  They are not only used to treat many different ailments but it is a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

Benefits: - Help compact wax or a build up of large amount of wax. Improves lymphatic drainage, build up of yeast in the ear, fluid in the ear. Improves immune system .Excellent for tension headaches.Tinnitus.  

45 mins  £30.00